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Outting wit a friend !

My bestest friend turned 21 last week ( cinco de mayo) and like he spend some of his weekend wit me. I just wanna say yay George about time! lol . Another thing, did I mention it was his first official trip out of town. ( hes from VA) yeah im proud of them ( yes he bought a friend) so this is for him to him cus I owe him . He gets wat I mean. This is us after a few free drinks as his heading says and was so right. Yes I feel as I taught him well. The place was called Tryst and its in Adams Morgan. The times are awesome they close between 2:45 am to 3:00 depends on the atmosphere. Also they have live bands and the greatest cuban coffee. Oh it is the ish. You wanna come? lemme noe B52 on the house anyone?


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