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Bronx, but ( resides in Washington DC), New York City, District Of Columbia , United States
Blogger for over 10 years !!!!!!( two blogs)Doctor of Business Student, New small business owner I live for god, anime, coffee, rain boots, food and my cats.


This post is about sushi. Yes I make sushi ha u didnt know that did you. I know there is so much you probably will never know about me. I feel as if I can just go on and on about the different types that I make but here is one that I just made yesterday (sunday) it was with salami yes different and it was good. lol If you ever want some just give me a holla and I will see what I can do. Do you like sushi btw? You should try mine. I have egg in it. I can put pretty much anything you want in it. I noe I noe I try. lol well this is the end of that post. I might post when i make something worth while like green tea lol.


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