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Feeling Better

I had a mild case of food poison yesterday. I had went to the neighborhood giant supermarket and as always bought some spinach dip. I am so taking it back. I felt so bad yesterday. It was like hospital I wanna die kinda stuff. I had ate nothing else and I had to test it again and it was that. I had got sick kinda quick like within 2hrs I was feeling sick. Plus other things that made the dip the enemy. ha lol I am able to keep stuff down. Like this chai latte. *sighs* I had this before and I hated it. It was the worse feeling ever. That marks down on my list of my pickiness . I am so picky this is the new thing I wont eat now. lol I am glad I think being a picky eater is special. I mean none of us eat the same thing. See , im happy today. My hair is done ( thanks mother) and my feet are too I noe I noe rare I cried when they swiped my card $20 to get my feet done? my gosh. But they are nice I mean they were so bad I couldnt go to my IBM conference looking like that. So I hope for the best. Ill let u noe what happens wit that .


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