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Happy 70th Blog! and other thoughts.......

I know I have to say a few things before I celebrate! I have to say I am so hurt about MJ passing. I mean I am black as we all noe and it was always to this day played in my house hold. He was like a family member so it hit hard when you have someone that talent be so unhappy. It shows life is short and you can have everything in the world but feeling love and being happy is what is best at the end of the day. So RIP dude u deserve it so much.

Okay now on a happy note......HAPPY 70TH BLOG!!! TO ME!!!!! yeah I even got a pic of me writin the blog see im so special. lol

Now to other things....... I got a few topics that I shall discuss very quickly maybe witty and yeah just me.

1. Love

I am so sick of this person. These people this life of endless wonder and just blahness. I feel as if im in a down ward spiral of ............ so i will sing April Marchs' song " Garson Garcon"

2. Rain

I had a feeling that it was all day. Here even when it has a 20% chance it does. Ive been carrin it ( my umbrella) all day. now im in and im watchin out at it im home early not for long though.....

3. Drinkin

I feel as if learnin about different drinks are weird lol the names are cool like a B51 and B52 and T-52 and my fav a B53( only a 76% proof haha) .... thats another blog.

4. Wedding

Yeah i wanna get married lol i was lookin at wedding cakes and stuff i want a cake that is mostly cupcakes and then i want one made like an anime boy and girl with glasses holdin hands wouldnt that be cool? and i want a candy bar. I hope to have a unique boy toy like me . and i wanna wear rainboots and i wanna have so many different things. I noe ive said some of this b4 lol oh and shout out to my friend who just got married. im like wow just wow cus i noe him. lol

5. Next blog

well thats all i gotta rant about right now. again its pourin now i will have fun going to drink lol so ill catch u lata and in the next blog right?


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