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Best Friend Love Letter

Morning Everyone,
I was reading someones blog ( which im a big fan of) on love letters and I had to write two. If you know me all too well you know that I have a lot of friends that are boys. There is always an argument on what is best to have girls or boys as friends but hands down I have to say that boys are pretty cool. They are great well my friends anyway. So this is to you lol ten years from now ( if you print this out) when you are married wit kids and im just married u will remember how I feel about our friendship. Here we go.......

Dear , ( your name)

Hi how are you? I hope you are great. Though I may not see you at times, I have to say that I still feel as if we were in highschool and you were either pulling my hair or laying it down, or laughing at it. I always wish you the best in my heart and wat eva you do I will always support you.

I will be your childrens aunty, mommy, bestfriend , and anything you want me to be to make your life easier. I will buy them toys read them books and make sure I can say I contributed to making them as smart as you are. You know i would treat them as my own that I will not have.

When you shut me out, or when you tell me too much, I still have a smile on my face . When you pretend you dont care about my boyfriends and how im living my life I now see that you really do your just being tough about it.Quit it please cus when I get married you cant say anything then.

I promise to love whoever you bring into your life permanently, just promise to do the same. I dont care if its a fake smile pretend you like him. ( as so the same for me) Because they must be special if they are standing by you. And for some of you who dont noe wat to do, its okay I still support you.

I also promise to drink and to socialize with you when I get time. When I go on business trips dont worry I will email you where im at in case I have the sudden urge to marry someone there out of per innocents *winks* and you have to come smack me which u would do now.

At the end, in your funeral I will cry and act like I was married to you because in all I have known you longer than most people (cept mommy) though at times you surprise me. I will also read this to everyone or to you while you are laying there. If I die please dont cry for me nor get mad I think some things are left unsaid.

So there is was. I love you always and forever no matter how much I call you names and want you out my life. You are the ones who know me and was there in those huge development years. So try not to forget me.



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