Coffee Convasations

I read this article on your fave coffee and wat is says about you. They say that like drinking coffee is a soical thing. So that means all of the frapp drinkers its okay really lol. It is also a stress release the smell itself is awesome. What you drink can say a lot about you and really a lot of things from cars to cloths can show how you are. Your personality shine through those things. Heres my results I have three fave. thanks to and

Black coffee - This is for the ambitious, focused and goal-driven person who needs to get the job done.

Iced coffee- This is for the laid back, spontaneous and flirty person.

Espresso – This is for the ultimate coffee drinker using a special cup conveying sophisticated power. Drinking espresso is a sensory experience and often follows a special meal.

Okay are those things true about me? If you know me maybe you are chucklin to yourself or watever lol I dont know I think I am like the black coffee.


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