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Perfect Coffee Work Week: Monday

 Hey all

I have come to like the Tuesdays off. I mean it beats having a Monday off I couldn't blame my drinking on work then . lol . I noe its wrong but what can I say, its life. So this blog folks is about this wonderful pic above and other random stuff that pops in my head lol. I have to thank my friend for ordering it . I had the Cafe Au Lait ( coffee with milk) lol I was like omg! i can read it when i saw that on the menu  lol that 13 years of French is paying off. lol Anywhoo, she let me taste it and it was heaven, but as you all know I dont drink Cappuccinos all the time its a mood setter for me. When im in that complacent mood I drink it. I need one now. lol
Another thing, lol look at the texture of it. Dont it look so cute! i mean its like a lil heartish thing awww and the Batista is very nice and hes always there when i and oh we have the weeknight drinks lol. I know love you all envy me lol. also if a certin friend is reading this, the nice bartender was there. she is very nice and remembers me and yes remembers you cus it was ur b-day and you had a taste her wonderful bartender skills. shes a year older than me but my gosh she looks so much older and mature! not a bad thing shes very pretty. I tell you i have another love for the city! anywhere ! we do wat we have to get where we want to be and it doesnt mean we have to do bad things. some folks just dont understand and we cant make them see can we? all i say is

Take a whiff of reality and let me noe when it actually hits you. here you go my friends, another one of my coffeehouse confessionals.....


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