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Stock pic winner

From the album: WeSeed Stock Pics College Contest: Weekly Winners
By WeSeed
by Jennifer S.

Why did you choose this Stock Pic? What investment ideas are represented in your Stock Pic?:

I am a big fan of Starbucks, because of the new via that came out this week, I feel that Starbucks has done the right thing by bring instant coffee Starbucks style and will help the stock to compete with Mac. Donalds , It shows how modern this world is including me. The coffee fast to me make and has that in common with my life.
 Hey all,
As u can see above im very proud of myself and i wanna thank my friend for ordering that cappuccino so that i snapped a pic of it.  I feel out when i got the email that i had won. I am so happy so now i hope to spend this money on my stock test lol. Yes I entered it at the last minuet really i did. lol It was like asking me to send a pic in and relate it to a stock that i have in my portfolio. so i did and ofcourse i love coffee so there lol there is my proof and also i hope to renter and also put in one more pic for the $3000 prize. I have never won anything! I am so happy , I also have so much motivation to go take this test now I think thats what i needed to do it. Prayer and the urge to go on.  so here is to that pic and cant u say this was a great first blog of Oct?


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