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Monthly coffeehouse realizations pt1

If u only read dis blog, the other blog and dis one will have two monthly things that I realize. I guess ventin is the best medicine. Each will have 5 maybe more.

1. People in most starbux I go to are nice- the ones I go to on a regular basis, the on across from la efant station,the bethedsa one on its self title street, the colesville one by my house and the one in dupont circle north well all of them on that side. The one near crystal city. Thnx everyone.

2. I run more to a starbux than to food- its coffee in general, I guess as my friends tease dats y I'm so short.

3. I have to thank my mixed up family for givin me different taste in coffee oh and bein born in NYC- I am very color blind along wit coffee blind. I like greek, dominican, cuban,ethiopian coffees .

4. I am growin to realize dat I'm gettin older - if I dnt get a cup of coffee I am lost at times if too early mean and confused.

5. I understand wat "bougie" drinks are- if it has too many fixings its boughie in my book lol gotta love it.

Okaies see u in my next blog.


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