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200th Blog

I have to say that this has been a ride. This is my 200th blog between the two, and this is my 100th for this blog . I didn't think that it would become something that i spent a lot of time on. I mean I have been writing since 2000 so , I didnt have a doubt that I could find things to write about, it was just wat to write about. I couldnt make a whole bunch of fictional stories and things because it really wouldnt of been a blog then. I started this over a year ago because I realized that I wanted to share my weird life experiences with some people. Lol I know you poor souls. I just want to say thank you it means a lot to me, though folks dont wanna comment , oh it takes too long and you wont read our comments so we text or call you to tell you what we read. Lol i have given up. lol do what you may i know that you do read it and thanks so much .

Ima end it with a little lovers conversation. read and i hope you get it. if not you know where to reach me lol

The difference between you and I is that....

You love mint chocolate ice cream
I hate it.
You love starwars
I hate it
You like to eat everything!
I hate it
You like to talk a whole lot.
I hate to
You like to have loud music when you may at random times.
I hate that I want it loud all the time
The things we do like is....
You love candy
So do i
You love computers.
I do also
You love anime
Me too
You  live wit coffee
I love it
You love cats
Me too

But one thing that we can both agree on is that we tolerate each other because thats what friends are for. Though at times it makes me wonder why i would call you a friend and that do you really care, but then i look at the big pic and see that i do need you at times, and didnt even know it. I find myself mad wondering what you are doing. Maybe that is my way saying that I love you. I havent figured that out yet, maybe in the next 100 blogs I will....

See you all in the next blog it will most likely be in the new year. I may surprise you though. 


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