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Friends in such far away places, it leaves you wonderin......

Hey everyone,

I wanna just discuss again about the cool friends in high places. ( literally high places. ) that i have because its the end of the year and I want to wish them the best from way over here! *waves* so i will go by where they are located so they will noe who they are. okay here i go..


Wonderful place. I want to go, cus i noe i can go to Ikea wit this person! yes i think shes a very gifted and nice person who i can truly say is a far away friend of mine. I wish you well in the new year! hope to make it over there this year.

If im not mistaking, shes over there! I hope all is well! I would come over there too idk if i would be liked though. I would try! its all worth for a gud friendship! please be safe and hope your new year will be some change for the good .

I love it cant wait to go!! woot! dont worry dont pic me up at the airport ill find my way to u! lol i would be the second person who would want to have a wedding there. next to them lol. gotta love them. again i wish them all the best of blissful beginnings in the new year.

ohh good ol japan. again. no introductions. i will be over there! dont u worry! lol again dont come to the airport i will be there as soon as i get finish recking havoc in akhibarha lol hes too much and i am also. so dont wait up for me!!!

I came up wit all of this, drinking my super sweet making my root canal tooth hurt that i feel like jumpin off the nearest bridge espresso. Coffee Confessionals people!


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