Maybe we are geeks and nerds....

Lets face it friends of mine. We are either geeks or nerds.......its okay you can join our support group. But its funny that i see in soiciety today that now its a style, when before it was all part of life. At first i didnt understand why people were so mean, as i got into highschool, i didnt care i was proud to be what i was. Now , i am in love with the way i am ! I have a geeky side cus i love computers and technology and the weird terms, and i have my nerd side cus I am a workaholic, studyholic,  ( becoming an alcoholic friends would say lol) I know that i can be something. Its just that all of this time my hard work doesnt seem to be paying off. So at times being a geek and nerd can be over rated. You are forced to work all the time ( and u want to at times) you have to continue to keep up in this world that in a way isnt still made for geeks and nerds.

I got my friend a very geeky gift. hence geeks can be the technology advance , and smart asses lol you should keep an eye on some geeky websites cus they come out wit new t-shirts and things all the time. I got him a mug that says " fail" and gives the urban dictionary definition of it. Though i give him this link he wont read it he will never know. I had to save to get it.Though it wasnt that much( $23)  for me it is! I go to college I have degees! I still dont have a great paying job. oooo the pain, and at times people get good positions with out even trying or having at least alittle of what i have. There is no revenge of the nerds  and geeks still waiting wit my gait lol

maybe he will drink out the coffee cup i got him. mine says "pipe dreamer" yeah i feel as if i am in one......


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