Monthly Coffee realization 2

1. Werid overheard conversations that I wish I had my ipod for- when u hear things in starbux like " I hope she's has an insurance policy on him" conversation arose. Lord I guess ima have to remember where I'm at and the type of folks here.movin on.

2. I like biscottis only vanilla almond ones , only one starbux i know has it......that suxs

3. Drink prices- i feel as if these prices at times are overrated, come on you have to really stretch your wallet so that you can keep up drinking coffee or either pay for gas.

4. Coffee dates- I need to go on them more,but thats far gone from memory now, i havent found that friend to do dat wit a lot , who is the opposite sex you noe?

5. Coffee machine- why do the good ones cost an arm and a leg then the coffee is a hand and a foot?

That ends this coffee realization


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