Random Coffee Blah Blahs

Hope u get a kick out of my honestly.

1. I love when I have only 3 dollars in my account and my coffee comes to 295 then I use my discount card and it goes down to 267 whew....

2. I love hard working folks andmost of them aren't rich at all. I mean 90 percent of them are not. I dnt want to be rich I wanna be like I have my own and I can make ends meet.

3. I have lowered my sugar pack intake in my coffee everyone, y? Oh I dnt want to trigger one of my month long toothaches. Hey wat did u exspect?

4.When walkin wit a coffee cup wit no stopper, hold the cup away from u, ahem away ....

5.Look forward to winter time nyc coffee and dominican blow outs, oh and late japanese vendoin machine outings oh! And 24 hour coffee houses.

Until next time...


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