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Another Coffee Obession Confession

Ohayou dolls!

Today blog is about coffee! yes I noe the whole blog is but this is different. I so have pics of what I am drinking! so here are the top things I drink and ofcourse I own. You can see I drink around the world! I go on an around the world plane ride everytime I drink coffee. I am in Vietnam now.  * takes hand* come on! you dont wanna miss this flight......

This is the one I am drinking now. A friend of mine
from work got me hooked on it. The funny thing is she is Eritrea( next to Ethiopia) so she knew it was Asian just not wat type lol.

Next is Japan! ready? we can stay here a while
maybe see cool anime and do bad things *winks* i give this to a best friend of mine cus @ times ( all the time) he works long hours and have to make it home ( 2hrs away!) from me so i fill him up wit it! he has to come get the ones he have now waiting.Hes not only awake hes ready *falls over blushes*

when I go to NYC to visist family I get hooked and now
i can use this as a reminder of where i come from. cus i am this. this is Spanish espresso. just sugar in a very small paper cup while gettin your hair done @ the Dominican place( family) its just blissful the glass one is instant it cost $5 for just that. The canister is the one you put in the coffee machine. oh the smell i love it.


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