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Hey fellow readers,
its getting hard to blog these days. lol not cus i dont want to its just my mind is filled with so much stress, the last thing i wanna do is do anything. this pic was taken monday of this week from a starbucks that i go to early in the morning on my way to work. i walk pass it twice a day and i stop in it twice a day. I guess i was just cold and wanted to one day blog about it lol. i was listenin to this song its called "The girl and the Robot" its by Royksopp ft Robyn who sings the song "konnishiwa bitches " lol thats the first song that comes to mind. And Royksopp which is the same group who made the song that is featured on the geico commercial. You know the one when the cave man is in the airport and on the escalator. 
The song is about a girl who hates that her significant other because works too much.  he also wants her to explain it on why she feel the way she does, but shes like i cant tell you, you only want to see what you wanna see, so she cant help him out, cus he doesnt know what its all about. wow it makes her go crazy cus he doesnt answer her calls and stuff. its like in the end of the song she gets fed up with it because she says she cant wait to the next day. i feel like i am like that at times, well now all the time. I go through the same things, the well its my "job"  its hard to love someone when all they do is work. i mean i didnt notice it til i kept hearing oh im gone for a week and oh its not that bad why are u complaining. I suddenly because cold hearted. im like wow he doesnt see wat hes doing. I mean i work a lot also but i mean communication where is it? so its like now im not the girl in love with a robot. no im not at all. im over it cus i am one who dont wait for folks it isnt like that it isnt love. well thats all for this blog. I will not star out the window waitin for him to return, no no im running away. he will see he will see......

these are my coffee confessions .....


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