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Blogger for over 10 years !!!!!!( two blogs)Doctor of Business Student, New small business owner I live for god, anime, coffee, rain boots, food and my cats.

What I live for.....


Bonjour loves,

I am watching the huge snow flakes fall out side as I write this. I always get a hint of inspiration to write, blog or be creative ( in my own way) when there are different precipitations out. So this loves is about the ten things I live for , you may be surprised very....

1. Music- 
3. Coffeehouses
4.Anime and beyond
5. My cats
6. Emiko
7. Emo glasses
8.City life and things in it.
9. Friends and cultures
10. Outfits and things of that sort.

Allow me to explain.......

1. I love all types of music. From ethiopian, to japanese I love dance and trance and acid , and bebop jazz its how I live.

2. For instance now its snowing and I am thrilled im just staring at it while typing! I love it! Rain and thunderstorms I go crazy for also, different moods different weather.  

3. I love all types of coffee I wish I could travel to taste them all!

4. I have been a fan of anime ( japanese cartoons) for so long! I will always love it. From the cosplay ( dressing up) to the anime cons its just my pass time that I keep active! 

5. All  my boos I love them. I love seeing them grow up they are spoled. They say only lonely smart girls have cats and books. lol Oh i have more than that lol 

6. Emiko is my baby. shes a huge hello kitty who is in my other blog. My bestfriend gave her to me 6 yrs ago on New Years Eve and she just had her 6th bday its hard to count because of the bday. she is like our child he asks about her. She also has cloths and she travels with us . lol 

7. I love my glasses. I feel secure in them. I am me with them and with out but i prefer them !.

8. I live for city life. for the fire escapes the traffic, the 24hr things. The subways, bridges and how it looks when it rains. The taxis the people in it.

9. I love that i have friends of different cultures places. Thats what makes me so full of life. I love to hear their stories and be part of them. 

10. I love night cloths, dress cloths, homely cloths, boots, platform heels, slippers, kimonos and everything in my closet. oh! rain and snow boots! I am not a big fan of jewelry but i do want a hello kitty ring.  

So that my friends is what I live for....tell me wat do u live for? 


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