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Quotes I say inside my head that may not surprise you.........

Snowed in afternoon dears.........

I feel as if maybe this blog will relate to a lot of you. At times you may just be having a day on top of a day and you really dont know what else to say nor do. Or a day like today that i have a lot  being so caught up in snow and rushing to work when i can and to the super market before the snow come that I forgot what day it is. I really dont know.  So here are a few quotes that i say silently to myself and at the end of the day they come out.

1. "dont talk to me unitl i have had my first two  starbucks double shots ( the drink the one on ice) then i can maybe say hi to you . if i even decide to say anthing thing to you at all."

2." y do you insist on telling me things that dont concern me?"

3. " i feel as if im working for nothing ."

4. I wish this would all be over so that I could go to sleep. Its the best part of the day."

5. "at the end of the say i wonder why in the hell do I even try with you? it always ends up the same way."

6." I hate leaving you after this, but I have to, its an endless cycle I cant stop"

7. " I need to go out for......Happy Hour"

8. " When is life going to cut me a break and give me a chance to prove myself?"

9. " I wonder what you are doing "

10. " Too much to do and so many time"


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