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A lot of Coffee @ " A loft" by "W" Hotels

Hey all, its not even 7am and im wide awake! I think its because im sleeping in a bed is why i feel this way! A very comfortable one . they have a drip coffee machine which is cool , but to be honest isnt going to wake anyone up. Like the man that rode the elevator with  me said. " Just looking at it makes your sleepy" thank you cool dude with the cool mac pc. If you roll with Mac and Toshiba and Lenovo then we can be friends!

So lets talk about my coffee filled day at the Alof hotel. First of all this hotel rocks! I cant wait to go see friends and family because ima stay up in that hotel lol. Im glad they have one near them so when I dont wanna be with them or have a looooong nite and cant make it home,,,BAM! there is "Aloft" near by. It is right by my old high school and the shopping district where i used to go to a lot. well, my mother goes to now. ( she just moved back)

So, on the tv they have this channel its called the "awake" channel you fall in love with it because it shows things like coffee beans being poured and coffee pouring wish there was smell a vision. lol i am sipping on espresso that i got at the coffee bar down stairs. i love this feeling of feelin like someone. so tell me have u had this feeling that coffee makes it all better ?  i do especially wit alcohol wat a nite wat a nite.

did i mention the coffeebar is 24hrs? moving on to the next bar......i mean blog lol


Anonymous said…
Thanks for taking me ^.^ Hehe
o u r so welcome and if i knew who this was then i would gladly tell u in ur face or maybe taken you wit lol

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