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An off topic Coffee Confessional


I am at a coffee house with a friend, and this person wants to go out wit me. They ask me what they dont know about me . I said that i would blog about it. here are a few things you may/ may not know about me.

1. I have freckles.

2. I love platform heels not because it makes me taller.

3. I had very long hair when i was little and then when I had to get it cut, i didnt like short hair. I hated the fact that people didnt know i had long hair for years. I had to show my pics of me when i was little. then i got older and now my hair is past my shoulders and i want it that way. I even cut it. I no longer think that longer is beautiful i saw after a while theres nothing to do wit it but wear it down. 

4. Though im very kid friendly , I really dont want children.

5.  I am obsessed with candy.

6. I am allergic to a lot of things, thats why I have werid eating habits and so on. 

So thats just a few things that may spark your intrest to answer more. I  feel as if you dont ever fully know a person. Just a week or so ago I found out things about a friend that I didnt know he did. You can never under estimate them. 

Drink lots of coffee and have stories to tell 


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