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What I live for 3!

Hey all,

Ive gotta do a number three to this. Yes I think I have ten more things or statements that I can say that I live for. Here we go!!!!

1. For love- It can be a love or anything, from you to just things in general. It isnt always a person it can be waking up or eating your favorite food.

2. My blackberry-  yes all its bad. I live for my baby! I need my blackberry. ( its a he) I mean I wake up to him and hes the one who wakes me up. My life is up there its my computer on the go.

3. Sharing a taxi on a rainy day - think about it. the rain hitting the taxis' window pane and you are with a gud friend.

4.Completing my friends life- Not  many know but I had a best friend die when i was 8. the tragic part was that i witness it and couldnt stop it. But i remember telling her before she took her last breath that i would live for the both of us. Every june i count the day she died and every july i count wat age she should of been. so i live her life and mine and hope that i am making her proud! you get only one first bestfriend. it will be 15 yrs and she would of been 22.

5. Stock market-Yeah! i wanna be an underwriter and i wanna be a trader! I have been trading for years! I love wall street .

6. Priceless moments- I went to go see the electronic group "Air" a week a go and they talked to me and sung. I love them. I have their pics and I will cherish that forever! I melted after I cried. it was so worth it. 

7. New songs- Check these out " Venus" by air and "stylo" by gorillaz 

8. Vacations-  I took a cool get away. though it was only 45 min from home it was exciting and relaxing. ( just make sure you leave your info wit good friends and family who will not call and bug you. just in case..)

9. My purse addiction- I love purses. not just any one, it has to be ones people dont have. i have a lot its funny.

10. Just being me! - this is self explanatory! there is no one like me and will never be! i will always have a downfall that will make me even more desirable.

okay love, wat do u live for that you just realized?


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