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What I live for.....pt 2

Bonjour loves, 

I am ready for another blog of what i live for. sorrwie it took this long for me to think of things. i noe it should tell you something. but its not march and it was 66 today! yes compared to the first time i wrote this and it was 8 degrees. Lets see what moments i live for that can be added to the list.

1.Awkward moments that remind me that I have to live and smile some times.

2.Happy song moments.

3. Werid make-up and fashion sense.

4. Rainy days that makes me wanna hide my newly done hair but still strike a smile because of the beauty of it all.

5. My busy days and drunken nights.

6. My gin and tonic moments when i feel 10 years older than I am.

7. Waking up when i finally have a decent nights sleep because worries start to pour in.

8. Realizing that time isnt waiting on me. and not going backwards. I am growing up I cant stop it age wise.

9. Accepting my faults and things that I really cant change on my own or right away in life.

10. Having the gift of the writing gab. 

love you lots, drink a cup of coffee for me my fellow blog readers.....


Erika said…
Ah, I so adore you - what a fabulous idea for a post!

Today I live for...the discovery of songs that so accurately describe my life! :)

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