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Happy Earth Day!!!!!

This is my second annual earth day blog! I love earth day so very much! I dont know maybe im a huge tree huger ( which is true) its really not the day per say.Its all the organic stuff. I love that and shopping bags! I have so many and i have the stylish plastic ones! yes loves, i am so green. I am down even to my green coffee cup with earth day on it! It goes even lower, down to my green under ware! I feel that you have to find something or make up a day to make you happy. Make up one like "Nation skip work day" we all need a mental break from work and school , we are human. Here are some things that I think that it isnt for one day you do it, its everyday, and that also I do.

Shopping bags

I have reusable ones. I have the cute plastic ones. Also the whole foods ones and I even have a net bag! yes going green isnt hard at all. If you forget, make sure you keep some in the car with you and keep bringing them back in the car so that you dont have to use plastic bags. You know somethings never decompose. plus you get money off using them at places like whole foods .

Coffee Cups

I have a reusable coffee cup, well mug, and also i have like 5 of them. I feel as if why waste a cup at star bucks when i have my own? Plus you get money off using them too.


I have gone paperless on all of my bills. I feel as if what is so important about holding a bill in my hand? lol I can whine over my high cell bill online. Also places like whole foods is doing this, they are making paperless receipts and you can just scan a card and you can check on the website. I have a card, you know im over that. Less paper less garbage.


Now this isnt just about the paper and things, food is one thing. We are big on this now, when it has always been the problem. Our food is so processed when we go to other countries at times our body doesn't accept the food because of how pure it is. Its sad. so places like whole foods and Yes! organic are good places to start.


You can rent green cars. I do. Its cheaper than putting gas in mine ya noe? Another thing is not driving at all. I take the bus and train all the time, and walking , bike riding and all that good stuff isnt just good for the earth, but for our bodies also.

So to end this wonderful day ( because I dont wanna be late for extended earth day happy hour at my fav coffeehouse/lounge) here is a pic of me in my organic skirt , and there goes my organic shoping bag.


ps, even my cat has a green collar on go boo boo!


meg said…
sounds like some good and practical things to have.

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