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Coffeehouse, Nerdy Boy Syndrome

Happy sunday all. 
So this blog is about my little discovery. I realized that I like boys. Dont laugh, im serious. I mean I like really have a lot of men in my life. I guess I am hard to deal with in a womens' point of view so thats why I don thave a lot of girlfriends. But its fine. I feel as if I have something that no one can take from me. I was at the coffeehouse yesterday, and I have to say that i talked to a lot of intelligent dudes. I mean I feel as looks are nothing. If you cant spark my interest ( buy me coffee) then why talk to u? are you really gonna make my day ? or are u gonna bore me? I am not special or anything I just feel as if , if I wanna grow we need to start sum where. looks dont get you but so far. I admit, I am not a party animal , though I love to rave and stuff. I guess I am cool with having a life inside of one. I drink a lot. Its just at a lounge or a coffeehouse/lounge. I dance, at raves and things. I guess I am faced after with bills and life, so I have to keep it to a minimal. But hey im not dull, im me and all who noe me can see that I am addicted to the city life. Maybe being urban isnt about the fast life, its about ur life and how u put it. I dont mind having the coffeehouse, nerdy boy syndrome. There is no cure. My friends are in many ways like me and in many ways not, but thats what keeps it fun, if I had people just like me I would get bored and they wouldnt rock my world and I wouldnt rock theres. Just agree to come chill wit me in a coffeehouse or lounge. Id marry u in my dreams. xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxox stay u and catch my coffee addiction. 


Erika said…
What I like is that cute, nerdy boys always seem to work at coffeehouses...so you get two treats in one - a caffeine kick and a quick flirt with a cute boy!! :P
i know! i thought I just noticed that lol thanks for the comit.

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