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Brainstorming one cup of espresso at a time.

Morning all,

This blog is about how to deal with the frustrations of life when they arise. So, the beautiful pics below were just taken! Yes I am eating it now!. Which is a first because I dont like to eat in the morning. But I needed and still need to brainstorm some ideas for the 10 year anniversary story that I am about to write. Allow me to explain: I have been writing stories and such since 2000. It was a positive hobby to help me see outside the problems that were around me. since then, I have been doing so . I have hundreds of them. But every year I write a story to basically show how much I have improved or have maybe changed my skills or made them better. Which makes it more funny is that it is on my Birthday! I try to have it done before then, which I have three weeks to go. So, I had a story. I was sitting drinking starbucks...just relaxing ,when I turned my Microsoft Word on I didnt notice that I hadnt saved it from the night before so I just deleted what ever came up because I take notes a lot and dont even want to save them. Then I realized what it was. it was my story!

I was beyond upset. Because my stories come to me. I cant just make one unless asked. So this will kill me now. So I decided to spend my day off in a productive way on the creative side. Catching up on blogs and such. I hope all of this that I am consuming will help me brain storm.....oh *sighs* what to do now? Hope you like the pic. My niece bought me the sunflowers yesterday. She said ill drink a cup of espresso as u can see below and stare at them. Yes thats exactly what I am doing. I really dont like flowers but I love sunflowers and yes I love the seeds lol. Dominican coffee a fav. of mine since 2 years old.! ha another unknown fact about me you didnt know.

In the pic: Tamagoyaki ( Japanese omelet& tai hot sauce on the egg) Moscato ( in the glass) Turkey Bacon , Dominican Espresso.


Rae_bella said…
You've been writing for that long? Damn girl, when you gonna publish your book?

Oh that's a pretty presentation of the sunflower and the meal that you consumed! ^_^

And I do believe that catching up on others blog can blossom your own creative ideas for your writing, I myself have become advent reader of my favorite blogs, of course most of them consist of fashion. :D

Off topic, but I am completely enthralled that MARC JACOBS has included plus size models in his FALL 2010 collection (story in recent Vanity Fair, with Lady Gaga on the cover of course....) ^_^

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