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Morning Shot

Late night all,

This blog is about my coffee habit early in the morning. In this picture is my cute heart mug from starbux.

And inside is this: a starbux double shot w/warm half and half. Yes that's my secret my friends! You always ask what that mixture is, so I just took the liberty of showing you.

If you like ice, espresso , sweetener and half n half u will love this! Bad thing is that at starbux the drink had been discontinued for like wat more than 2 yrs , so I have to tell them wat to ring the price as,as I was told by corporate.

Its an iced americano basically just sweet w/ half n half.

Lol if this is all greek to you, then you my friend r not an advance coffee drinker.

I want to explore different coffees and things to have a better knowledge, not just sit and take the norm.

I may b shy but, if I have a goal I will find a way to reach it.

That's how life should b viewed, b different don't follow ur family they r different times are different, don't be afraid to jump, you may have to bring a few parachutes along with you, unless you are like me and land in coffee beans.

Go to coffeehouses and lounges. Then have stores to tell me.

Next new coffee to try,
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