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The process of makin the ultimate "urban" cafe au lait...pt2

So you saw the process, now its time to talk taste, and also what to pair it with. Here are the pics below.

Cafe au Lait ( "coffee with milk" for those who arent Batista or know French like I lol) is great with.....Cheese toast!!

I think in all I enjoyed this quick process. But pics are a great way to show with out all of the typing. This is how I have coffee everyday even on the run. And when I go visit people in around the city , they make it just like this. so put ur fav coffee boil water and then milk for only a little bit just to the point it boils add the coffee , sugar and you are set. Any one  pair this with anything else? i would love to see or hear. later fellow coffee drinkers. 



Erika said…
I always think to pair it with pastries...but cheese toast? I must try this combination! :)

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