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Sampling Sunday

Raining Wonderful Afternoon ,

I am loving the weather today. Todays blog is about yesterdays "sunday sampling" i started this new thing while i am out of town to let the family I am around for the time being test out new coffee that i have. I have so much coffee and everyone gets every curious on why and how and just wow. So they were siked when I came up with the idea. I have them three types "espresso roast" Dominican Espresso" and "Komodo Dragon" All strong blends of coffee to see which was best .Here are the three people who did it this time. And their fav kind .

Monte: He is 11 and he loves to play sports. His favorite out the three we tested was the "Dominican espresso" He said he liked the taste because it was delicious and rich tasting.

Jr. Age 16  his fav thing to do  is to play RPGs: His favorite was the Komodo dragon. He said that it smelled like tea and very spicy tasting.

Prince age 10, to be honest he loved them all! He is a coffee drinker a bit more than the other two because hes is always around me when i drink it. The smell he says he has to get used to when he smelt the bags with the coffee but when it hit the hot water, he loved the smell.

So there it goes my fellow coffee inhalers. My nephews Prince and Monte and my cousin Jr were the first of many that will come.

I also have an announcement to make. I got a great idea to just make this blog bi weekly b/c its not everyday you have a great coffee story. As far as my other blog thats about 3 times a week so always stay tuned.

I will continue my coffee confessionals with you as i watch this rain pour down my window pane.


Erika said…
I LOVE the idea of Sunday Sampling - such a fun way to bring the family together!! :)

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