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Black Yet Coffee

HI! Time for the bi-weekly coffee blog!

I have missed u all!!!

And my coffee adventures! so I have some now to tell you about , and i havent been back a week yet! I now
can drink coffee wit my two new kittens , i think they love the smell of it! a wonderful new start i shall say. So heres the deal of wat coffee i encounter. I went to Chinatown Coffee Co. with a friend and it was so lovely. I have a wonderful pic of what i was drinking it looks so good now considering how cold i am. lol

Take a look below, my friend said " hey take a pic for your blog" great thinking i may say, i may keep him around for a bit lol. Now thats some great black coffee.the day after that, we went to Au bon Pain, and had some great coffee, If you havent been there u should try it. I love that coffee, But thats another blog, well the next one by the way!.

I feel as if each sip of coffee bring u to realize new or old things in life that may have or will give you epiphanies. That " I can do this" or " this is why im here" i think thats another reason why i love it. Even the smell helps. on a cold day, take a whiff u get warm!

I cant wait for another coffee confessional. I must admit im in love with ........coffee lol Alright my coffee inclined kitties, stay warm and drink some coffee for me!!!.

I did this on my black berry and transfered it here, hope there are no errors! later guys.


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