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Akemashite omedetōgozaimasu


How are my very coffee inclined friends doing? I am happy to be able to post twice in a week! this will not be so much about coffee its more of a basis of our relationship.

I just wanna say thanks so much for puttin up with my non blogging days,my long drawn out post or my plan rants! I hope year 3 will b just as great! I want u to have a cup of coffee tonite b4 u go out, party and do your thing (i am) and just go through the yr and just say " alright 2011 lets do this!"dont go about those promises u cant keep like everyone eles. 

Go drink coffee that sounds nasty ( like that peppermint mocha) and if it is actually indeed nasty as u imagine it , b happy u got a tall and can give it back to the Barista and apologize but u hate the drink. (laughs evilly) or b like me get someone to buy it for u or you talk them into letting your tast theirs so u can talk junk if u dont like it!.

Also add one more coffeehouse hang out to ur list. so when one fails all will come through. and throw at least one "coffee confessional party" i want to do that this year. say a prayer and wish for the best for forever to come.

Later coffee peeps 

Im loving this pic of  espresso
thanks to worldpress.com


Kyosuke said…
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Kyosuke said…
I'm glad you post twice.Thanks for the tips,and I did have some coffee before yellin happy new year lol.Spending it with the person I wanted to be with the most.

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