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Never late than never coffee confessional between friends.

Snowfull evening to all!!!!

Omg I feel so bad! I havent got to post so i owe u one more this week and I will be up to par. Most of it was the weather, (snowy snowy) and also me not feeling well. But I must say im going through so much so close to new years! I so feel as if i am growing up even more than I am. All of these plans and such is the basis of this blog. I had a talk with a friend, that I feel has their head soo well above their shoulders! 

They wanna live my city filled dreams and I feel that they can do it! its just a little planning and at the right moment.....it will fall into place. So it is fine. They just needed someone to point them in the right direction . I did as much as i could over happy over. Sitting with our drinks. wonderful white wine and I had a drink they called " elf helper" which has coffee liquor and other things in it! ( im so getting my friend that one next time) so yes, yes it was wonderful, i felt like i was giving a very gifted person a gift of a life time. They will be happy even if they cant do exactly whats in mind. 

I feel at the end, a conversation over coffee made me think , where is my life taking me? I cant see my life changing too much over a cup of coffee... *sighs* but i gotta say it made me think. 

Conversations over coffee, even if its half coffee and liquor its a tell all when you have enough in your system you seem to have things all planned at....

What is your obsession? Dream? Wants? 

Make it your coffeehouse confessional the next time you are with a friend....

Well im off for sushi! I vowed to have fun and smile it will bring all faithfully a beautiful night.

heres a pic!

btw we had bagels too, i had as u can see one with feta cheese! and they had one with tuna sooo good.


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