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A coffee fact.....

Hey all!

I am so sorry  I think im two blogs behind in this, so I am determined to get this done. So much is going on and I just feel like blah at the end of every thing. Then while drinking sparkling water, thought of a perfect blog! This is one of the many side blogs over shadowing the coffeehouse madness that I have created. This blog is about the elements of coffee in your body.

Many tell me that coffee is bad for you,  then I hear no its good for you. I am here to tell you , coffee and alcohol are more healthy for women than for men to consume. I think thats awesome. At times I kick myself that i am a girl but then I look at facts like this wit my cup of coffee and smile. Its a beautiful thing. lol  Yes I know I will get the whole " no it isnt " ha ha Moving on....

I was also told to make sure you drink as much water as you do coffee, because like other types of caffeine, it makes you dehydrated, I have to admit its so hard to do that since I am not a fan of water. But then I realized that I like sparkling water, seltzer water, flavored water and tonic water. So that seems to be the perfect remedy for me.

So in all, its wat you make of coffee. Coffee to me is like a bf, there are so many to chose from , but its what time and effort, ( in coffee case stuff you add in it) that makes it worth your wild. Unlike bf you can have a great tasting cup of coffee every morning and be able to take on the day, so on and so forth, I cant really say that about the compared thing......


Me drinking sparkling water b4 coffee. ( oh btw maybe drinking it before might work, ill have to ask my doctor about that next week.


Kyosuke said…
That's cool coffee,and alcohol is better for women then men,and I don't know if I agree with the coffee,and BF comparison,but I think you just have to find the right one,or enjoy a certain taste lol.

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