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A change of pace but not coffee

Hey all! this blog is about short or long term changes. Also how u can keep your routine with just a little adjustment.
Little things like this sparks a conversation out the ordinary. Like the pic?
I took it of course with very nice permission from the baristia.You can see I was in starbux. I think she could see that im not from around here. She was very interested in me. Every time I go in there she talks to me.Made me think on how hard it is to adapt to something you dont want  but you know you have to, or for the time being. Time to pout....* squints eyes *

 But as I promised that I would keep these updated and im tryin so hard to find pics, its hard b/c of the whole new environment and of course change.

It is like different types of coffee. You go from a slow pressed french vanilla chai to a hard pressed Columbia or in this case Ethiopian blend. If you are versicle you can take the situation( though u r not happy wit it) and change it to something to fit your lifestyle. It may not be the best its better than not having coffee at all.  Thats how I see some things in life you hope for it to blow over until then you gotta keep busy.

So I say to you to end this. Open you mind and heart to new positive things oh and of course coffee textures. Losing coffee senses is a terrible thing to waste.


Kyosuke said…
Thanks for the advice.

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