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On my coffee inclined travels.....

Afternoon all .

On this not so just day, I have a blog for u! I have to share some stuff i saw on accident two days ago. I am on another leave? as you say so im in another state. So, instead of being mad and overwhelmed, i decided to find a bliss chance when i can. it just started, i hope it isnt for long. So i was up and out 5am and im not much of a tv watcher but it was on. i glanced at it and it was Dr. Oz im guessing his show or watever. hes really kool, again im just not a tv person. So anyway, he had this test about coffee. and I got it all correct. I knew if i was there I would of won the free coffee maker like they did. it was the expensive ones. 

So the discussion was about how coffee is healthy for you. I know I am stuck on this because people just dont wanna admit that im right oh and its true. Its not from me folks its strait from a doctor . So this is what it was saying the first question was which of the two where good for u ?A metal filter or a paper filter. I was like paper. Yes i was right. see theres something in coffee that we dont need and that kind of filter takes it out. Plus it can lower your cholesterol just as this next question. 

Which type coffee is good for lowing cholesterol? is it coffee or decaf coffee. I said regular and i was right again. the rest of the things we do need in coffee. Very good i think. which brings me to the last question which made my day. which coffee is good for your skin? dark roast or light roast. I said dark and i was right. see dark roast is what they do when they roast the coffee for a long amount of time vs the light roast. it can help against aging.

Thanks to Blogs.WSJ.com for the pics 

So with that in mind, keep in mind that coffee is good its just wat you put it in and how much that makes it bad. 

Until next time my coffee inclined friends. 


Kyosuke said…
Wow you're good.Glad the world is starting to see that coffee is good for us,and it's the amount like most things in life that can hurt you rather then the drink itself....>>

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