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Side Statbux

Hey all!

It has stop raining for a bit and the sun is peeking out for it to be pushed back in again by the clouds, it shall rain again! okay folks todays blog is on the statbux that you see other places besides their own branch then u end up going to the regular one because u finished it in the store. I was out getting some last min things in target! I had three things in mind end up getting six things! I know but i end up needing them so no complain lol

So I go to starbux when I come in, and I was happy! I had my drink and sipped and shopped I think thats what happened on me really buying things and that really brought out the  rationalness. I shopped hard and compared prices.It was so intoxicated with coffee I got another one when i left at the outside starbux and just sat there. I think its a way to make extra money. They r in super markets and also other stores and the malls . I think thats a great idea. At times u are not close to one and you want a drink. So I just pushed the cart and picked up everything that interested me, until i got to the cash register and started dividing. Thank you "side starbux"


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