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A coffee outing like no other!

Hey all

I so didnt forget about my fav blog ever! so I owe two post. But im in the middle of moving so I noe if tis not one thing its another with me! But I promised you a bi weekly  update so im up here for real and indeed I shall. This blog is about last weeks outing with a friend of mine. He was determined to get me coffee and we did at a Mexican resurant ! I noe right. lol omi gosh it was nice, and fun . A decent cup of coffee among a just conversation made my saturday rock and I was ready to do it all over again by the end of the night. Things like walking and see the sites , and eating three different times made me feel great. I have to say it started with coffee and ended with an array of sites, sounds, and lessons learned. I cant wait to get back up north you noe?

Share a cup of coffee, a laugh, and maybe a cry, a commitment and most of all do it with someone you can tell the world to and they will keep it all in their heart.


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