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Random coffee observations

Hey all!

Im back from a long ordeal but im ready to get back to this blogging. This blog post is about some things I just ran across as I was dealing with my lost.

1. The starbux im going to (well one of them) while im down here has a cat welll they have three one of them looks like my boy brat aybo, the cute kitty name : Hummus. lol

2. They are going back to writing your name on your cup. You know the other starbux i go to does that makes you feel sorta important...(I think)

3. Dont judge a coffee drinker by their appearance. I tell you some of the most in some peoples eyes not known people drink coffee and know about you.

4. I wanna take the time out to thank my auntie (RIP) for giving me coffee and until last week supporting my habit lmao. coffee habit that is

5. The higher the price of the coffee machine is the better the coffee taste.


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