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Up UP and away

Hi coffee goers

So this is my last blog via southern va. I can tell u i didnt have fun one bit , except meeting up with people and going to starbucks. I think that starbucks have their similarities but you can tell by the people and the atmosphere. I have to say I got one of a kind pics and they were yet again amazed when I ask to take a pic of their stuff in their store for my blog. I have to say different strokes for different folks.

I have learned also that sometimes things happen for a reason, but when its time to go its just simply that time. I sat inhaling coffee just thinking how happy ill be , back to the same ball n chain, because some things that you seem not to want or dont think you need, you do. As soon as everyone learns this they wont have hard lessons.

That was my coffee enlightening yesterday. Next post will be back up north (hopefully) until then, sip some coffee and find comfort with in yourself. coffee is the ultimate comfort drink.

Thanks to Suffolk, Va Starbucks for the Pic


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