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Ecuadorean coffee

Hey all

I noe ive been gone. Long story, and long time no see. So I have a blog for you about coffee and cheese. Yes i am serious. As every year, I go with my niece to her grandmothers house and I have coffee. I love it! this time I had a cheese sandwich,. Not what you are thinking, nice cheese from Ecuador. it was sooo good. and with the coffee made it even better. I have the picture,  if I get to get the cheese when i go back next time, then Ill let you know it was simply wonderful. 

It was very bold, yet milky, it makes me want to go get some cheese now. I will do so with in the next hour lol . I love it! woo. so anyway. Try to mix up some different flavors with the different type of coffee that you may try to drink, then elt me know what your favorite is. 

Happy summer drinking. 


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