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Southern Coffee Drinkers

Hey coffeeites!

This blog is so self explanatory. But lets get more into it. While im visiting down here. Im happy that i can get a cup of coffee. ( though i travel with my own i mix it) So I see that they love coffee but mild coffee or just the regular blend that I drink like soda. (as im doing now) I get no jolt nor do i realize i had coffee. So lets rewind.........I have a confession: im a bias coffee drinker. *shrugs* at least theres coffee. All I need is hot water ya noe? maybe some coffee creamer. To b honest ive been on the black coffee drinking thing because in order to get the full flavor of "weak" coffee I have to drink it black. with sugar or none. Until another coffee inclined blog( and i find another starbucks which is 30 min away.) Enjoy humbling down with a nice cup of blah coffee.

see ya


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