Happy national Coffee Day

Late night coffee ites

Sooooooo, what did u do for national coffee day? You know I was happy drinkin my espresso! lol do you know a few things about coffee? Here are a few. its time for...

*random thoughts (emikos')  thats what it says*

  1. Coffee is originally from India, then China
  2. Coffee is our #1 drink in the country and in the world!
  3. It has more caffeine that your pain revilers do.
  4. A lot of doctors says its a great source of energy just not too much of it.
  5. Its healthy, remember its not what it is, its what you put in it that makes it not hearty.
  6. Espresso is a very condescend form of coffee. 
Hope you enjoyed these little facts a coffee fact about me you say?
Hum...ive been drinkin coffee since 2yrs old. 

Later enjoy the rest of your coffee night. 


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