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The case of the Mondays:Life confusions and a Broken and not Broken coffee cups

Hey everyone!

Long time no post. So as you know this blog is bi weekly so I think I owe you two  blogs this week....yay lol as you can see I have the case of the Mondays. I have a bad case at that. So every other Monday to make sure I get to you bi weekly, I will post "The case of the Mondays'" then another blog then that will help me learn how to keep up with life and this blog. My other blog is fine. But this one is special I need to treat it this way. I will list things that has me in such a bad mood, and coffee will be related. I know i've gotta  be good to mix the two, lol with out further ado ...

Case 1: Life confusions and broken and not broken coffee cups

  • I am having a hard time dealing with the opposite sex decisions on things. Its like having a cafe au lait w/o the lait (milk in French)
  • I am ready for a change, but it seems its not going so great. 
  • I love coffee cups, I have a collection but one broke in pieces, I will have to fix it.
  • One is a Hello Kitty cup that I got on sale at the Sanrio store.
  • The other is a gift from my sis n law for house sitting for her . You can see where she went via the cup.
  • I haven't had my coffee today, I am fixing that problem now.
  • I want a cool government job. Hold on a semi perm one. 
  • Im seeing that I give too much and theres no giving back. That will  stop...TODAY.
  • Im having a bad hair week. One week in a half to go then ill fix that also. I need a lot of coffee to fix this problem and yoga yes yoga and happy hours and Korean pancakes. 
And there you have it folks. The case facts , lets see what can be done with them, if not I know I will touch base with you on the next case. Here is the evidence of the cups. Let me go order my coffee now. ....


Marie said…
I love finding the most delish coffee mugs.

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