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Coffee Confessional: Starbucks Breakdown

Rainy Afternoon.

How are you today? I am okay ugh I have a bad case of mega Monday blues and its so bad I just decided to do this blog so that coffee will make me feel better. Better yet I am going to make some and then go out and get some that has been made for me. I know genius. Speaking of which I didnt know how much I like coffee. I am serious about it. They know me everywhere I go. Since im still down south this starbux know everyone who comes in. They know me because I am the only one who consistently orders my drink. I know you wonder whats in my drink and what its called. So I am going to break it down for you. Maybe he will read it and know how to say it lol. He spoke up for me a few weeks ago when they asked me did I want it the regular way which is with whole or 2% milk I get 2% and he said no lol When I have money on my gold Starbux card I get soy because its free. So he was right (he was paying shhhh lol) it was a little abrupt then i saw he cared im like dude be calm and collected about it this isnt well...........I cant think of a word. Okay im rambling on that is a dead indicator im bored. Alright here is the run down on my drink.

Its named a few different things. When it debuted in 2007 when I was working 2 jobs one was a day care that had a starbucks right up the street, and the other I contracted and the starbucks was right there next door. They had it named "starbucks double shot on ice" it was later shorten to "starbucks double shot. " It discontined , I guess it was just for that summer, but it stuck with me. I was tired and didnt like the frapps anyway. 

Starbuck Double Shot ( grande)

4 shots of espresso
3 maybe 4 pumps of classic syrup
Chioce of milk ( it comes with whole or 2%but I like soy its better on my lactose  intolerant stomach)

What I am running into now is that there isnt a button for the drink so they charge me crazy. I was told it is an americano with an extra shot. Im like thats fine but folks here charge for it all. the syrup which comes with it and the shot so its like almost 4 dollars at time for a grande, so I use my card and those charges of the extra things come off and its the right price about $2.60-2.80 and thats different states with tax. In DC and MD I have no problem , even Northern Virginia. (most places) Where I used to work ( and starting back soon) knows me and other people order that too!!!! so they do it right. Thats who told me. Even when I email starbux they say the same. I wish they would tell everyone that!! 

With that said, whats your fav type of coffee? Can you break it down to the tee even the price? I would like to hear. 

Me with my starbux double shot!!! w/soy 


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