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Pink Nail Polish and a Usual Coffee Adventure

Hiya everyone

I am so tired! I have work in the morning but have class at 10 tonight so to stay up I am doing blogs and catching up on things that I have no time for. I tell you every time I go and buy coffee, its an adventure. I went to this cool Starbucks that is on the end of U street in DC. It happened to be right in front of the bus stop to my destination. I received another free coupon for any size and made coffee! I am on a role lol. It was a nice day today I met people that were funny and just trying to get by everyday. I think that's why I like where I am. I think at the end that you have to do what you can to have a piece of mind at the end of the day. Not too much or too little just right. I think I felt like the world and things in it would be better , me and my pink nail polish. Special shout out to my niece who gave it to me. And the other who painted them lol.

Drink More Coffee..


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