And much needed coffee break?

Hi next post here

I'm wasting time waiting for someone so I thought catching up on work and blogs was on my agenda.  So yesterday I received a cute coupon in my inbox im getting all my birthday emails now I guess since it's Monday lol. This one was 10 dollars off at godvia.  I'm like oh wow though chocolate isn't my strong hold lol so I headed to a nice store and looked at all white chocolate stuff end up spending the exact amount of the coupons and I got a bar id white chocolate which is in the freezer lol and a white chocolate shake. I got a bit confused it looked like a frappichio lol it also had strawberries.  I drunk it so fast I was looking around for a calming coffee effect then remembered it had no caffeine lol oh the joys it was a legit coffee break.  Then I went to starbucks lol.


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