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Happy National Coffee Day !

Afternoon all,

I am so happy I get to blog on he actual day. I am also a Starbucks because I wanted to taste he new Ethiopian Coffee that they have . Okay so I have it and this is what I think.


1. Its semi-bold- okay I like the earthy flavor its not too bold and no even close to being mellow.

2. Its a little similar to the Ethiopian coffee ive tasted- Ive have it all and I love the taste of it. Very good indeed. It has similar flavors.

3. The smell and color- Very darkish/milky-coco consistent color. I love i and again smells so very good.

The Verdict

Its a hit! I am happy that they are really keeping their word on international flavors. To top it off, I thought it to be a bit more darker and richer in flavor but you have to have a balance.

I hope you all go out there and try new coffees. Though he day isnt he best I can say that a cup of coffee tries to mend it together.


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