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Ethiopian Coffee Ritual.

Hey all surprised im posting huh?

Well I couldnt help it!!! I had the most amazing unexpected experience today getting lunch. So I was stuck in bad traffic and I was like well let me stop and get some Ethiopian food because im a huge fan of it and I crave it way too much lol. Anyway, I ordered and waited, thats when I met two other people just shooting the breeze about things and then one of the servers asked me did I want some coffee and she showed me the set up . I have pics I was amazed. So running to the car and putting a quarter I found out of nowhere ( god is good lol) and ran to have a cup.

First, they roasted the beans on the stove and grind them then put it in the pot a pretty pot I may add then added the hot water. But whats so cool is that she had this incenses that smelt so relaxing. It was also smoky. They went on to give us cups and you drink three of them back in their country. I was down for that! it was so mellow tasting but it was the median between greek coffee and espresso. It was perfect. I added a little sugar and drunk it down. They do it around the time I came everyday and invite friends and such and I forgot you have a piece of bread so you dont drink on an empty stomach....very true. Its like alcohol dont drink on an empty stomach and lot of water! They are both dehydrating remember that.

Well that made my whole week enjoy. Special thanks to Uptown Ethiopian Restaurant


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