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Coffeehouses in different lands.

Hi all

I have to share what I found online yesterday. I love a good coffee article, and I think sharing it is a good thing to do dont you think? So heres the quick story. I check my email every night or early morning for my Wall Street Journal Asia. I signed up for all of the highlights but the fashion, food and tech sections are the ones that I get in one email with a bunch of links and pictures. I love it. I always receive it before midnight. So I think it was the 23rd, I read an article about a cool coffee shop in Malaysia . I think thats next on my list after Singapore, I would love to go here, and now be able to try this great coffee and the concept behind it. You must see the website they have six shops lovely! I cant wait to post from one of them ha!!

Enjoy <3 p="">


Erika Sorocco said…
I think it would be fun to spend your life cruising cafes - visiting coffeeshops in all different places. :)

P.S. With the scarf, just get a long one and put it on your neck back to front {i.e. with the ends hanging in the back}; then, cross the ends in the back and bring them back around front and voila! Perfect style!

P.P.S. The weather here is ratchet right now for winter - in the 70s/80s every day for the last week or so. :(


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