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New Year Better Coffee Blog

                                       Picture Credit From : Coffee- Tea- Comfort

Hello My Coffee Inclined Friends.

First post of the new year!!! I am siked! another year. It will be year 6 wont it? I cant phantom it neither. Google has this weird but cool feature that lets you look at your past post pictures from your blogs. I dont have as many as I do for my other blog up here (365 on the other one) But geez really? They didnt even warn me they sent a pic of the pic I posted and its snowing in it. I am like a Gif? Hum wow lol. Wow Google...

Okay I just wanted to stop by this week and share a nice Tumblr with you that I found and also to give you my Pintrest link also.Its all about coffee you know? Oh and at times tea and hot chocolate as my niece says And I promise to drink more with them, they love coffeehouses .Though im not a chocolate eater and drinker (unless Mexican hot chocolate but thats another blog later post) But I will do and promise you a few things this year :

1. I will post more.

2. New coffee exposures and trips with coffee being a big part .

3. More pictures

4. Have more social network coffee post like on my Pintrest and blogs and sites I like based on coffee.

Last but not least heres the wonderful Tumblr that I found. Tell me what you think of it?


Erika Sorocco said…
Trips with coffee involved are essential - I cannot wait to read more.

P.S. White with sparkles is such a gorgey polish combination!!


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