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What is Agave Nectar?

What is Agave?

When I think of it I think of tequila . Yes you do make tequila with the plant but there are different types of agave plants. So now for a better explanation, it has a very syrupy honey ish texture but has a better taste and its less thick. Its just the nectar from blue agave plants and in the picture above case, organic and free of additives.

 I like it better than sugar at times. Its used as an alternative when you order coffee at Whole Foods. You can also order it at Starbucks (mainly oatmeal). But I am all for it in coffee and liquor. It will be one of the additives for my gin based drinks. I will have it on my other blog next week so stay tuned. Lets see if I have the mixology certificate just for show because its a tricky ingredient at times. Ever had too much sugar in something? It can be the same if you use too much agave it will devastate you,so use it with care.

PS: Mixology  Note: Remember, for citrus drinks you shake and drinks with all alcohol like a B52 (which has espresso as one of the ingredients.) you use a stirrer.Just a rambling side note.

Until next time check out my other blog for my weekly findings .

Source: All About Agave
Picture. Safeway


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